HITCHCOCK'S AMERICA: Lifelong Learning Institute: Fall 2001

Hitchcock Books in the SSU Library

The following books are on reserve for the students in this course and may be borrowed for a loan period of one week:


Anobile, Richard J.

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

PN1997 P79 H5 1970

Auiler, Dan

Hitchcock's notebooks

PN1998.3 H58 A84 1999

Bellour, Raymond

The analysis of film

currently being processed

Corber, Robert J.

In the name of national security: Hitchcock, homophobia, and the political construction of gender in postwar America

PN1998.3.H58 C67 1993

Deutelbaum, Marshall and Leland Poague

A Hitchcock reader

PN1998.A3 H54735 1986

Durgnat, Raymond

The strange case of Alfred Hitchcock: or, the plain man's Hitchcock

PN1998.A3 H5464 1974b

Freeman, David

The last days of Alfred Hitchcock

PN1998.A3 H5469 1984

Krohn, Bill

Hitchcock at work

PN1998.3 H58 K76 2000

LaValley, Albert J., ed.

Focus on Hitchcock

PN1998.A3 H548

Perry, George C.


PN1998.A3 H5495

Phillips, Gene D.

Alfred Hitchcock

PN1998.A3 H5496 1984

Rohmer, Eric and Claude Chabrol

Hitchcock, the first forty-four films

PN1998.A3 H5513 1979

Rothman, William

Hitchcock--the murderous gaze

PN1998.A3 H553

Ryall, Tom

Alfred Hitchcock & the British cinema

PN1998.A3 H556 1986

Simone, Sam P.

Hitchcock as activist : politics and the war films

PN1998.A3 H558 1985

Spear, Barbara G.

Hitchcock and point of view: the narrational situation

PN1998.3. H58 S64 1995

Spoto, Donald

The art of Alfred Hitchcock: 50 years of his motion pictures

PN1998 A3 H564

Spoto, Donald

The dark side of genius: the life of Alfred Hitchcock

PN1998 A3 H565 1983

Stefano, Joseph

Paramount Pictures presents Psycho

PN1997 P79

Taylor, John Russell

Hitch : the life and times of Alfred Hitchcock

PN1998.A3 H567 1978

Truffaut, Francois

Hitchcock [1985]

PN1998.A3 H573 1985

Truffaut, Francois

Hitchcock [1967]

PN1998.A3 H573

Weis, Elisabeth

The silent scream : Alfred Hitchcock's sound track

PN1998.A3 H578 1982

Wood, Robin

Hitchcock's films

PN1998.A3 H58

Yacowar, Maurice

Hitchcock's British films

PN1998.A3 H59

Zizek, Slavoj

Looking awry : an introduction to Jacques Lacan through popular culture

BF175.4.C84 Z59 1991

In the library reference section:

McCarty, John
Alfred Hitchcock presents : an illustrated guide to the ten-year television career of the master of suspense: Call number: [Ref.] PN1992.77.A479 M39 1985

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