HITCHCOCK'S AMERICA: Lifelong Learning Institute: Fall 2001

Hitchcock Filming Sites


Points of Interest in the U.S.




1. Los Angeles & Hollywood, CA:
  • movie studios AH worked at
  • AH's residence in Bel Air: 10957 Bellagio Road
  • Universal Studios: home of:
    • the Bates house from PSYCHO
    • stage show explaining certain cinematic tricks in AH's movies
  • AH's church: Church of the Good Shepherd: Santa Monica Blvd

2. Gorman, CA:

  • PSYCHO: Marion Crane passes a sign, "Gorman right lane," when driving from Phoenix

3. Bakersfield, CA:

  • NORTH BY NORTHWEST: filming of cropduster scene
  • PSYCHO: car dealership where Marion Crane buys car

4. Springville, CA:

  • SABOTEUR: "Deep Springs Ranch"

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5. San Juan Bautista, CA:

  • VERTIGO: the Mission

6. Scotts Valley, CA:

  • AH's vacation home in the Santa Cruz mountains

7. San Francisco, CA:

  • VERTIGO: various locations: Fort Point, Union Square, etc.
  • THE BIRDS: film begins on Union Square
    • and, of course, Melanie Daniels drives Route1 to Bodega Bay
  • FAMILY PLOT: Grace Cathedral, Fairmont Hotel, Pacifica mansion

8. Bodega, Bodega Bay, & Valley Ford, CA:

  • THE BIRDS: various locations:
    • the Tides Restaurant, the Bodega schoolhouse, the Bianchi Ranch, etc.

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9. Santa Rosa, CA:

  • SHADOW OF A DOUBT: various locations
    • Old Courthouse Square, the railway station, etc.

10. near Las Vegas, NV:

  • SABOTEUR: Hoover Dam
    • w/Boulder City, NV probably used for the fictional "Soda City"

11. Phoenix, AZ:

  • where PSYCHO begins

12. Mount Rushmore & Rapid City, SD:

  • NORTH BY NORTHWEST: monument & "Sheraton Johnson Hotel"

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13. Chicago, IL:

  • NORTH BY NORTHWEST: auction house & Ambassador East Hotel

14. Miami, FL:

  • THE WRONG MAN: last shot of the film

15. Washington, DC:

  • STRANGERS ON A TRAIN: various government buildings

16. Newark, NJ:

  • SHADOW OF A DOUBT: opening sequence:
    • Newark stands in for Passaic, NJ, where the action is supposed to happen

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17. New York, NY:

  • SABOTEUR: Statue of Liberty, etc.
  • SHADOW OF A DOUBT: opening sequence partly filmed in Manhattan parking lot
  • STRANGERS ON A TRAIN: Pennsylvania Station
  • THE WRONG MAN: filmed at actual locations whenever possible
  • NORTH BY NORTHWEST: various locations: the estate on Long Island, the U.N., etc.

18. Ossining & Cornwall, NY:

  • THE WRONG MAN: the summer resort & sanitorium

19. Danbury, CT:

  • STRANGERS ON A TRAIN: used for the fictional "Metcalf"

20. Craftsbury & Morrisville, VT:

  • THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY: various locations

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