Lifelong Learning Institute: SILENTS, PLEASE: Spring 2004

Books on Reserve in the SSU Library

The following books are on reserve for the students in this course and may be borrowed for a loan period of one week:



General interest:



Brownlow, Kevin

Hollywood: The Pioneers

PN 1995.75.B7 1979


The Parade’s Gone By …

PN 1993.5.U6 B7

Hofmann, Charles

Sounds for Silents

ML 2075.H6

O’Leary, Liam

The Silent Cinema

PN 1993.5.A1 O5 1968

Robinson, David

From Peep Show to Palace

PN 1993.5.U6 R59 1996

Primitive films:



Hammond, Paul

Marvelous Méliès

PN 1998.A3 M42

D.W. Griffith:



Geduld, Harry M.

Focus on D.W. Griffith

PN 1998.A3 G74

Gish, Lillian

The Movies, Mr. Griffith & Me

PN 2287.G55 A3

O’Dell, Paul

Griffith & the Rise of Hollywood

PN 1998.A3 G77

Wagenknecht, Edw.

The Films of D.W. Griffith

PN 1998.A3 G785 *

Silent clowns:



Lahue, Kalton C.

Mack Sennett’s Keystone

PN 1998.A3 S434

Quigley, Isabel

Charlie Chaplin

PN 2287.C5 Q5

Robinson, David

Chaplin: His Life & Art

PN 2287.C5 R56 1985


Chaplin: The Mirror of Opinion

PN 2287.C5 R57 1984

Schickel, Richard

Harold Lloyd

PN 2287.L5 S3 *

Bengtson, John

Silent Echoes: Disc. Early H’wood Through Films of Buster Keaton

PN 1995.67.C2 B46 2000*

Blesh, Rudi


PN 2287.K4 B5

Dardis, Tom

Keaton: The Man Who Wouldn’t Lie Down

PN 2287.K4 D3

Foreign silents:



Abel, Richard

The Ciné Goes to Town

PN 1993.5.F7 A63 1994

Eisenstein, Sergei

The Film Form & the Film Sense

PN 1995.E48

Eisner, Lotte H.


PN 1998.A3 M843 1973

* oversize book

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