THE ACTRESS (1953) B/W 91m dir: George Cukor

w/Spencer Tracy, Jean Simmons, Teresa Wright, Anthony Perkins, Ian Wolfe, Kay Williams

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "A warm, humorous motion picture has been made from Ruth Gordon's chronicle of her girlhood and burning desire for a legit career. Presented on the stage as Years Ago, it engagingly puts over the characters taken from real life, as well as the feel of the early 1900 period in which the plot is laid.

"Jean Simmons plays the title role, and portrays perfectly the teenage agonies and joys of a girl who must become an actress at all cost, yet stands in awe of a papa who, though seeming to have no sympathy for such youthful ambitions, is the one who comes through to make them possible at the finale.

"Spencer Tracy is fine as the father, a man who easily becomes a bore at times, who lives quite a bit in his seafaring past, and desires better things for his family than he can provide on the miserly stipend he makes as a clerk. As a balance wheel in the family, Teresa Wright's mother is top-notch.

"Actually, the script is a series of incidents establishing Miss Simmons's stage yen and it's told with solid heart, some drama and humor that spills honestly from the family types seen. Anthony Perkins [in his film debut] impresses as Simmons's swain, and their scenes together have a nostalgic flavor."

THE ACTRESS was nominated for an Oscar for Best B & W Costume Design (Walter Plunkett).