AH, WILDERNESS! (1935) B/W 98m dir: Clarence Brown

w/Wallace Beery Lionel Barrymore, Aline MacMahon, Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Spring Byington, Mickey Rooney, Charley Grapewin, Frank Albertson, Eddie Nugent

Eugene O'Neill's poignant, warm story of a boy breaking through the shackles of adolescence in 1906 receives an excellent screen treatment.

From The Movie Guide: "Eugene O'Neill's only comedy, written in five weeks, is a dream of the sweet, unaffected boyhood he never had, culminating in one long summer during which adolescence struggles into manhood. Eric Linden plays Richard Miller, a young man of sincerity and some charming stupidity. His mother busies herself with household problems, his mischievous brother and unruly sister vex him, his father nervously avoids instructing him in the ways of the world, and his often inebriated uncle teaches him about life. It's a marvelous slice of Americana, filled with funny and tender scenes as young Richard strives to understand himself and those around him. Mickey Rooney, here playing the younger brother, played the lead role thirteen years later in the musical remake, SUMMER HOLIDAY."