AIR FORCE (1943) B/W 125m dir: Howard Hawks

w/John Ridgely, Gig Young, Arthur Kennedy, John Garfield, Charles Drake, Harry Carey, George Tobias, Ward Wood, Ray Montgomery, James Brown, Faye Emerson

From The Movie Guide: "One of the finest propaganda films produced during WWII, AIR FORCE fits perfectly into the canon of its director, Howard Hawks. A filmmaker who excels at portraying group action, Hawks tells the story of the 'Mary Ann,' a B-17 bomber and its crew. While there is much here the viewer may find offensive (notably the predictable anti-'Jap' rhetoric), Hawks's mesmerizing direction and the assured and emotional performances of the cast, especially Garfield and Carey, draw the viewer in. Though by now beginning to date, [Dudley] Nichols's screenplay is powerful, with dialogue that is both meaningful and believable. ... A real fortress, later lost in the Pacific, was used for much of the filming, with interiors photographed inside a $40,000 model. Hawks was a veteran of the Air Corps of WWI, and his own experience and reverence for the service shows in every scene."

AIR FORCE won an Oscar for Best Editing (George Amy). It was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay (Nichols), Cinematography (James Wong Howe, Elmer Dyer, Charles Marshall), and Special Effects (Hans Koenekamp, Rex Wimpy, Nathan Levinson).