AMERICA AMERICA (1963) B/W widescreen 174m dir: Elia Kazan

w/Stathis Giallelis, Lou Antonio, John Marley, Frank Wolf, Harry Davis, Linda Marsh, Paul Mann

From Variety's review of the film: "Elia Kazan gives a penetrating, thorough and profoundly affecting account of the hardships endured and surmounted at the turn of the century by a young Greek lad in attempting to fulfill his cherished dream --- getting to America from the old country.

"Kazan's film stems from his book of the same title, which evidently was inspired by tales of the experiences of his own ancestors that sifted down through the family grapevine. ...

"The acting is incredibly good. In the all-important focal role of the young man with the dream, Stathis Giallelis, an unknown, makes a striking screen debut. Virtually everyone is memorable, perhaps the three most vivid are Linda Marsh as the plain and unassuming maiden to whom the hero is treacherously betrothed, Paul Mann as her sybaritic, self-indulgent father and Lou Antonio as a thoroughly detestable crook."

The film won an Oscar for Best B&W Art Direction and was nominated for Best Picture, Director, and Original Story & Screenplay (Kazin).