ANGEL FACE (1953) B/W 91m dir: Otto Preminger

w/Jean Simmons, Robert Mitchum, Herbert Marshall, Mona Freeman, Leon Ames, Barbara O'Neil

A moody study in perverse psychology, immeasurably enhanced by Simmons' icy elegance as a beautiful woman whose outward appearance masks her murderous impulses.

From Variety's review of the film: "Jean Simmons portrays the title role of a young lady behind whose beautiful face is a diseased mind that plots to murder her wealthy stepmother (Barbara O'Neil). Drawn into this scheme, although innocently, is Robert Mitchum, an ambulance driver who attends the stepmother when Simmons's first murder attempt backfires. Attracted to Mitchum, she gets him a chauffeur job with the family.

"Mitchum and Simmons make a good team, both delivering the demands of the script [from a story by Chester Erskine] and Preminger's direction ably. Co-starred are Mona Freeman, the girl Mitchum casts off for Simmons, and Herbert Marshall, but neither has much to do in the footage."