THE APARTMENT (1960) B/W widescreen 126m dir: Billy Wilder

w/Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray, Edie Adams, Ray Walston, Jack Kruschen, David Lewis, Joan Shawlee, Hope Holiday, Johnny Seven

Billy Wilder's bitterly funny view of modern urban morality concerns a young wheeler-dealer insurance clerk who "lends" his apartment to senior executives who wish to do a bit of cheating on the side.

From Variety 's review of the film: "Billy Wilder furnishes The Apartment with a one-book plot that comes out high in comedy, wide in warmth and long in running time. ... The screenplay [by Wilder and his partner, I.A.L. Diamond] fills every scene with touches that spring only from talented, imaginitive filmmakers. ... Apartment is all Lemmon, with a strong twist of MacLaine. The actor uses comedy as it should be used, to evoke a rainbow of emotions. ... MacLaine, in a pixy hairdo, is a prize that's consistent with the fight being waged for her affections. Her ability to play it broad where it should be broad, subtle where it should be subtle, enables the actress to effect reality and yet do much more."

Oscars for Best Picture, Director, Original Story & Screenplay, B&W Art Direction, and Editing. Lemmon, MacLaine, and Kruschen were all nominated for their acting.