THE BIG STEAL (1949) B/W 71m dir: Don Siegel

w/Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, William Bendix, Patric Knowles, Ramon Novarro

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "Steal was lensed on location in and around Mexico City. It gains added sight interest from this, as well as strengthened melodramatics. It takes a little time for an audience to sort out what all the shootin's about since the script dives immediately into its story without explanatory footage.

"When it does become clear the interest is strong as director Don Siegel unfolds a good chase yarn. Dialog is often racy and saucy, sharpening Jane Greer's s.a. [sex appeal] factors.

"Footage is one long chase through Mexico. Robert Mitchum is chasing Patric Knowles and, in turn, is being chased by William Bendix. All are interested in a $300,000 army payroll, stolen from Mitchum by Knowles.

"There's a nifty performance by Ramon Novarro as the hep Mexican police officer."