CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD (1986) C widescreen 119m dir: Randa Haines

w/William Hurt, Marlee Matlin, Piper Laurie, Philip Bosco, Allison Gompf, John F. Cleary, Philip Holmes, Georgia Ann Cline, William D. Byrd, Frank Carter Jr.

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "Children of a Lesser God is the kind of good-intentioned material that often gets weighed down with sentimentality on the screen. Fortunately, the translation of Mark Medoff's Tony Award-winning [1980] play avoids many of these traps by focusing on a touching and universal love story between a deaf woman and a hearing man.

"At the heart of the picture is the attraction between William Hurt and Marlee Matlin. Their need and feeling for each other is so palpable that it is almost impossible not to share the experience and recognize it in one's own life.

"It's another seamless performance by Hurt. Matlin, who makes her professional acting debut here and is in real life hearing impaired, as is much of the cast, is simply fresh and alive with fine shadings of expression."

CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD won an Oscar for Best Actress (Matlin). It was also nominated for Best Picture, Actor (Hurt), Supporting Actress (Laurie), and Adapted Screenplay (Hesper Anderson, Medoff).