COLORADO TERRITORY (1949) B/W 94m. dir: Raoul Walsh

w/Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Dorothy Malone, Henry Hull, John Archer, James Mitchell, Morris Ankrum, Basil Ruysdael, Frank Puglia, Ian Wolfe, Harry Woods, Houseley Stevenson, Victor Killian, Oliver Blake

This film is a remake of the 1941 film HIGH SIERRA, one of the last great gangster films, which Raoul Walsh also directed. In this version, McCrea is the outlaw who escapes from prison and sets out to commit one last robbery.

In editor Richard Roud's indispensable book, Cinema: A Critical History, Edgardo Cozarinsky writes: "Colorado Territory (1949) moves the High Sierra story to a typical western setting and ends giving full rein to Walsh's taste for romantic tragedy: the final sequence is a Liebestod less hysterical than King Vidor's Duel in the Sun but equally impressive."