CORNERED (1945) B/W 102m dir: Edward Dmytryk

w/Dick Powell, Walter Slezak, Micheline Cheirel, Nina Vale, Morris Carnovsky, Edgar Barrier, Steven Geray, Jack LaRue, Luther Adler, Gregory Gaye

A Canadian airman goes seeking those responsible for the death of his French wife during WWII.

From The Movie Guide: "Peak Powell the way we like him, and it's a long way from Ruby Keeler. ...

"Tightly directed by the talented Edward Dmytryk, CORNERED is a terse thriller, with Powell turning in another tough-talking, hardboiled performance as the man seeking vengeance with a cold-blooded determination. The script was based on the title of a 20-page Ben Hecht treatment that was, according to Dmytryk, 'such poor stuff ...' that they kept only the title and brought in new writers to shape the film. Well-sculpted."