CURSE OF THE DEMON (1958) B/W widescreen 82m dir: Jacques Tourneur

(British version, a.k.a. NIGHT OF THE DEMON, runs 95m)

w/Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis, Maurice Denham, Reginal Beckworth, Athene Seyler

One of the finest horror films ever made. Misty, ominous English locations and a fine cast make this suspenseful and involving. Andrews is a dedicated skeptic investigating a deadly supernatural cult, with unexpected results.

From Georges Sadoul's Dictionary of Films: "Jacques Tourneur's first venture into the horror genre since his collaboration with Val Lewton on such films as the thematically similar Cat People ... and I Walked with a Zombie in the early Forties. Based on the classic short story [Casting the Runes] by M.R. James, it 'abounds in prosaic situations turning implacably into nightmares' (Carlos Clarens). Its understated, elliptical style and brilliant final sequence make this one of the great films of the supernatural."