FANNY (1932) B/W 125m dir: Marc Allegret

w/Raimu, Orane Demazis, Pierre Fresnay, Fernand Charpin, Alida Rouffe, Robert Vattier, Auguste Mouries, Milly Mathis, Maupi, Edouard Delmont

From The Movie Guide: "The second installment of Marcel Pagnol's 'Marseilles Trilogy' picks up just a short while after the end of MARIUS. After Marius (Pierre Fresnay) has gone to sea, it is learned that the girl he loves, Fanny (Orane Demazis), is pregnant. Because she has her reputation to think of, Fanny is persuaded by her family to marry the older, widowed sailmaker Panisse (Fernand Charpin), despite the fact that she is still deeply in love with Marius. After a year at sea, Marius returns and tries to convince the woman he loves to leave Marseilles with him. However, she must consider the consequences and the feelings of Panisse, who has grown to love not only Fanny but the child as well.

"Pagnol's warm, touching tale has been a success wherever it has played, attesting to the story's universal truthfulness. Written and produced by Pagnol and starring his troupe of actors, FANNY was filmed under the direction of Marc Allegret. MARIUS was directed by Alexander Korda, and the concluding film CESAR was directed by Pagnol himself."