THE FAR COUNTRY (1955) C widescreen 96m dir: Anthony Mann

w/James Stewart, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Walter Brennan, John McIntyre, Jay C. Flippen, Harry Morgan, Steve Brodie, Royal Dano, Gregg Barton

Lively adventure about cattle rustling, Alaska-style. Stewart pulls out all the stops as a peaceful cowpoke who gets treampled on at every turn until he just explodes.

From The Movie Guide: "A strange, almost self-conscious, Western from one of the greatest practitioners of the form. Like other Mann efforts, THE FAR COUNTRY is noteworthy for the parable starkness of its story and its flawless command of landscape photography. His films also have the most articulated moments of combat in the cinema: issues of honor, betrayal, violence, and death figure prominently. ...

"One of the most engrossing and original Westerns made in the 1950s, THE FAR COUNTRY was the fifth collaboration of producer Aaron Rosenberg, director Anthony Mann, and James Stewart. The film benefits greatly from the presence of James Stewart and his barely suppressed malevolence as the hero. Mann's strong and thoughtful direction, the sturdy script by Borden Chase, and the beautiful cinematography of the northern wilderness [by William Daniels] all contribute to make this an outstanding film."