FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) C widescreen 99m dir: Fred McLeod Wilcox

w/Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Earl Holliman, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly

Better than average sci-fi flick. The year is 2200 A.D. and the planet is Altair-4. Good use of visual gimicks and sound effects in this tale derived from The Tempest .

From Variety 's review of the film: " Imaginitive gadgets galore, plus plenty of suspense and thrills, make the production a top offering in the space travel category. Best of all the gadgets is Robby, the Robot, and he's well-used for some comedy touches.

"The conception of space cruisers, space planet terrain, the monstrous self-operating power plant, and of the terribly frightening spectre that threatens the human principals in the story [by Irving Black and Allen Adler] are weird and wonderful."