FRIENDLY PERSUASION (1956) C widescreen 139m dir: William Wyler

w/Gary Cooper, Dorothy McGuire, Anthony Perkins, Marjorie Main, Phyllis Love, Richard Eyer, Robert Middleton, Mark Richman, Walter Catlett, Richard Hale

Touching story about a family of Quakers who live in peace and contentment on their land in Indiana until the Civil War breaks out and disrupts their lives. Cooper and McGuire are perfectly cast in their roles as the parents. Perkins shows real sensitivity as the young Quaker son trying to reconcile his faith with the war and its implications. This is a truly heartwarming story with not a false note or a saccharin moment.

From The Movie Guide: "There's humor galore in this picture, especially in a scene with Main and her three lonesome daughters. There are many tearful moments too and several incisive looks into the lives of the 'Society of Friends.' Aiming for a collage effect, Wyler deals lovingly with McGuire's ongoing battles with Samantha the goose as well as a little boy who suddenly yells 'God is love' in a crowded church. A shorter running time would have helped but, as it is, FRIENDLY PERSUASION ranks as one of Wyler's best comedy-dramas."