THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE (1973) C 102m dir: Peter Yates

w/Robert Mitchum, Peter Boyle, Richard Jordan, Steven Keats, Alex Rocco, Joe Santos, Mitchell Ryan, Helena Carroll, Peter MacLean, Kevin O'Morrison

An unsentimental, first-rate drama about Boston hoodlum Coyle (Mitchum), a small-time mobster who's forced by the police to turn stoolie.

From The Movie Guide: "THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE is a tough look at the world of petty crooks and the sleazy side of the underworld. Mitchum is surprisingly effective as the down-and-out thief, as if worn out over the decades from earlier film noir escapades in THE RACKET and OUT OF THE PAST. Boyle is terrific as the thug who goes in for synthetic friendships, willing to sell out his own mother for survival in a system he knows will destroy him anyway. Yates's direction is grimly taut, and [Paul] Monash's screenplay pulls no punches. A bit gruesome, but potent viewing nonetheless."