GATE OF HELL (1953) C 90m dir: Teinosuke Kinugasa

w/Machiko Kyo, Kazuo Hasegawa, Isao Yamagata, Koreya Senda, Yataro Kurokawa, Kikue Mohri, Kotaro Bando, Jun Tazaki, Tatsuya Ishiguro, Kenjiro Uemura

From The Movie Guide: "Set in the 12th century, GATE OF HELL is the dazzlingly beautiful and simple Japanese tale centering on a heroic samurai, Moritoh (matinee idol Kazuo Hasegawa), who is to be rewarded for his bravery with anything he desires by his country's ruler. What he most desires is the beautiful Lady Kesa (Machiko Kyo), though she is already married. Attempts are made to persuade Kesa to leave her husband (Isao Yamagata), but her devotion to him is great, and Moritoh is left with no other choice than to murder his rival. Less revered today than RASHOMON or UGETSU, both of which also starred the gorgeous Kyo, GATE OF HELL was the first color Japanese film to reach US shores and helped build an international reputation for Japanese cinema."

GATE OF HELL was awarded two Oscars: Best Foreign Language Film and Color Costume Design (Sanzo Wada). It also was awarded the Grand Prix at 1954's Cannes Film Festival.