GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 (1935) B/W 95m dir: Busby Berkeley

w/Dick Powell, Gloria Stuart, Adolphe Menjou, Glenda Farrell, Grant Mitchell, Dorothy Dare, Alice Brady, Frank McHugh, Hugh Herbert, Winifred Shaw

From The Movie Guide: "Gold-plated good fun. A minor plot is mangled in a major fashion by Busby Berkeley, but his choreography and the score assure us of delirious delight. The scene is a summer resort in a New England town, the story revolving around a number of pairings. The inn's employees include Dick Powell as a desk clerk studying to be a doctor, Adolphe Menjou as the somewhat dishonest owner of the hotel, Gloria Stuart as the attractive ingenue, and Frank McHugh as the ne-er-do-well comic relief.

"The key to all the fun is the Harry Warren-Al Dubin score which features the remarkable 'Lullaby of Broadway' (a song reprised from their score for FORTY SECOND STREET) as well as 'I'm Going Shopping With You' and 'The Words Are In My Heart.' Around these tunes Berkeley devised what was, to some, the apex of his choreographic career. The highlight is a production number done for a charity show at the hotel, featuring the aforementioned 'Lullaby of Broadway' in a sequence that shows the last day in the life of a 'Broadway Baby' before she falls out of a window to her death. The number uses more than 100 dancers, seen from every possible angle and doing some of the most precise dancing ever put on celluloid."

Warren and Dubin received a Best Song Oscar for "Lullaby of Broadway."