THE GREAT MCGINTY (1940) B/W 81m dir: Preston Sturges

w/Brian Donlevy, Muriel Angelus, Akim Tamiroff, Allyn Joslyn, William Demarest, Louis Jean Heydt, Harry Rosenthal, Arthur Hoyt, Libby Taylor, Thurston Hall

This satiric fable about the rise of s dumb guy to the governor's mansion is delightful entertainment.

From The Movie Guide: "A hilarious spoof of American politics, this film marked the directorial debut of the mercurial and brilliant Preston Sturges, one of the best writer-directors of the 1940s. While this film never reaches the giddy heights of some of his subsequent films, THE GREAT MCGINTY was a favorable harbinger of the therapeutic madness to come. ...

"Donlevy, in an early starring role, gives a marvelous performance as a dim-witted bum who's transformed into a polished politician. The flamboyant Tamiroff's rendering of the boss is a comic delight. Demarest is colorful and full of street savvy and wit, once remarking: 'If you didn't have graft, you'd have a lower class of people in politics!' This terrific satire was the brainchild of screenwriter Sturges, who, by the time he penned the script, was the highest-paid writer in Hollywood, having written such films as EASY LIVING and DIAMOND JIM."

Sturges received an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.