HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (1973) C widescreen 105m dir: Clint Eastwood

w/Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom, Marianna Hill, Mitchell Ryan, Jack Ging, Stefan Gierasch, Ted Hartley, Billy Curtis, Geoffrey Lewis, Scott Walker

In this terrific western, a mysterious stranger (Eastwood) rides into the town of Lagos, kills three villains, and then helps the town prepare for a stand-off with three men who have just been released from prison.

From The Movie Guide: "Eastwood directs his first western, and it's a knockout. HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER is a morality tale carved out of the harsh western desert and directed with a panache that synthesized the styles of Sergio Leone and Don Siegel, two directors who had worked with Eastwood frequently. The result is one of the best Westerns of the 1970s. ...

"An eerie, supernatural western that takes the avenging-man-with-no-name character created by Eastwood and Leone [FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE] to its most logical extreme. Eastwood would later bury the character completely in his own OUTLAW JOSEY WALES only to have him rise like the Phoenix, redefined as a much more human, compassionate and caring hero."