JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961) B/W widescreen 178m dir: Stanley Kramer

w/Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift, William Shatner, Edward Binns, Kenneth MacKenna

A searing, thoughtful film from producer-director Kramer, based on Abby Mann's memorable Playhouse 90 TV drama of the same name. It concerns the proceedings at the Nazi War Crimes Trials in Nuremburg and explores, among other things, the degree to which an individual or a nation can be held responsible for carrying out the orders of their leaders.

From The Movie Guide: "For the patient starwatcher, a revelation. In its day, JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG was a sensation --- the first film to deal seriously with the trials of Nazi war criminals. ...

"Though unrelentingly bleak, JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG is absorbing from beginning to end. Dietrich and Tracy contribute polished, seemingly effortless work; at the other end of the thespian spectrum are Clift and Garland, who turn in harrowing, nakedly emotional performances. These are star turns, to be sure, but the Hollywood-style interplay between image, portrayal, and reality is fascinating to behold."

Oscars for Best Actor (Schell) and Adapted Screenplay (Mann). Also nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor (Tracy), Supporting Actor (Clift), Supporting Actress (Garland), B&W Cinematography (Ernest Laszlo), Editing (Frederic Knudtson), B&W Costume Design (Jean Louis), and B&W Art Direction (Rudolph Sternad, George Milo).