A KISS BEFORE DYING (1956) C widescreen 94m dir: Gerd Oswald

w/Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Virginia Leith, Joanne Woodward, Mary Astor, George Macready, Robert Quarry, Howard Petrie, Bill Walker, Mollie McCart

From The Movie Guide: "Wagner plays Bud Corliss, a money-hungry youth who kills his girlfriend Dorothy (Woodward), when her pregnancy threatens his chances of being accepted by her wealthy family. Her sister Ellen (Leith) refuses to believe the police report that the death was a suicide, and does some investigating on her own. She runs into Bud, ignorant of his relationship with Dorothy, and a romance between the two begins. When Ellen discovers Bud's involvement with her sister, the stage is set for the final showdown. An excellent screenplay (unoriginal but full of tension) [Ira Levin's novel was adapted by Lawrence Roman], subtle direction by the overlooked and underutilized Oswald, and good photography [by Lucien Ballard] help gloss over any weaknesses in the performances."