MONKEY BUSINESS (1931) B/W 77m dir: Norman Z. McLeod

w/Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx, Thelma Todd, Tom Kennedy, Ruth Hall, Rockliffe Fellowes, Harry Woods, Ben Taggert

From The Movie Guide: "One of the Marx Brothers' funniest films, MONKEY BUSINESS was their first to be written directly for the screen and is noticeably less stagy than earlier efforts. The boys have stowed away on an ocean liner and race from stateroom to stateroom in order to keep from being clapped in the brig. Harpo gets involved with a Punch and Judy show and delights all of the kids on the vessel (as well as all the adults in the audience). The Marxes become involved with Fellowes and Woods, a pair of well-dressed and well-heeled gangsters. ... Thelma Todd handles the female ingenue work well enough and dances the tango well with Groucho. All members of the supporting cast are as effective as they can be in the midst of the comedic cyclone."