THE MUSIC MAN (1962) C widescreen 151m dir: Morton Da Costa

w/Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Buddy Hackett, Pert Kelton, Ronny Howard, Paul Ford, Hermione Gingold

The saga of Harold Hill, who arrives in River City, Iowa, to organize a boys' band and falls for Marian, the librarian. The Meredith Willson musical hit has been filmed with most of its good cheer intact, including Preston's smashing performance and the memorable tunes.

From The Movie Guide: "Preston is a true joy in this film, perhaps as ideally suited for the role as Yul Brynner was for the King of Siam [in THE KING AND I]. Though the charming rogue has long been a staple in the entertainment world, few played the role as engagingly as Preston does here. The other performances are notable, particularly the lovely Jones, the delightful Gingold and Ford, and little, lisping Ron Howard. Splendid, but this is, and will always be, Preston's picture. Absurdly, he didn't even get a nomination for Best Actor, though the film was cited, losing to LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. Meredith Willson's songs, which are among the best ever to grace a musical production, include 'Till There Was You' and the stirring '76 Trombones,' which provides the unforgettable climax."

The film won an Oscar for Best Adapted Score. It was nominated for Best Picture, Color Costume Design, Color Art Direction, Editing, and Sound.