MY FRIEND FLICKA (1943) C 89m dir: Harold Schuster

w/Roddy McDowall, Preston Foster, Rita Johnson, James Bell, Jeff Corey, Diana Hale, Arthur Loft, Jimmy Aubrey

From The Movie Guide: "A wonderful film, beautifully photographed and sensitively told. McDowall is a young boy who longs for a colt of his own. His rancher father finally gives in and is displeased when the boy chooses the foal from an unruly mare. But through painstaking work by McDowall, the colt is trained and nurtured, eventually growing to become a fine mare and a loyal companion. The performances and direction are as fine as they come. The humanistic qualities within the film come through well, without being the least bit overbearing or overly sentimental. The color photography is wonderful, capturing all the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Perfect for the whole family. A sequel was made with almost the same cast: THUNDERHEAD, SON OF FLICKA. Later a series on television."