NIGHT TRAIN (NIGHT TRAIN TO MUNICH) (1940) B/W 90m dir: Carol Reed

w/Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid, Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, James Harcourt, Felix Aylmer, Wyndham Goldie, Roland Culver, Eliot Makeham

With the help of a British secret agent (Harrison), a scientist's daughter (Lockwood) attempts to keep a valuable formula from Nazi hands.

From The Movie Guide: "One of the finest spy films ever, NIGHT TRAIN reflects the immense talents of its brilliant director, Carol Reed, and of scripters Frank Launder and Sydney Gilliat. ... Though action-packed with one harrowing scene after another, the film is not broadly played, and Reed employs subtlety over bravado. Its portrayal of the Germans, too, is fairly balanced, without the propagandistic characterizations that would mark films made later in the war. Harrison is perfect as the daring, suave British spy; Lockwood is fine as his love interest; and Henreid is appropriately subtle as the deceiving Marsden in this gripping, razor-edged melodrama that mounts to a stunning climax."