OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES (1945) B/W 106m dir: Roy Rowland

w/Edward G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien, James Craig, Agnes Moorehead, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, Morris Carnovsky, Frances Gifford, Sara Haden, Louis Jean Heydt, Francis Pierlot

Warm, moving, well-played story about the love people have for each other in a small community.

From The Movie Guide: "Few films touch the heart so deeply as this one and fewer still present such moving performances. Robinson is terrific as the Norwegian-born Wisconsin farmer and father of O'Brien ....

"Supporting Robinson with marvelous performances are O'Brien, who furthered her juvenile career in films mightily with this entry, as did Jenkins, one of Louis B. Mayer's favorite child actors. Moorehead is excellent and sports a mild Norwegian accent in an underplayed part, and Morris, as the retarded neighbor who dies, displays fine talent. Craig and Gifford made such convincing and gentle lovers that MGM teamed them again in SHE WENT TO THE RACES (1945) and LITTLE MR. JIM (1946). Released just after V-J Day, OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES was written with great care by the talented [Dalton] Trumbo, whom Robinson had earlier befriended (he was later criticized for this friendship by citizens siding with HUAC during the Sen. Joseph McCarthy era, when Trumbo was part of the 'Hollywood Ten')."