OUTRAGE (1950) B/W 75m dir: Ida Lupino

w/Mala Powers (film debut), Tod Andrews, Robert Clarke, Raymond Bond, Jerry Paris

A surprisingly daring drama --- and an unjustly forgotten one --- about a rape and its aftereffects. From Variety 's review of the film: "Mala Powers impresses as the victim. ... Ida Lupino directed from a script written with Collier Young and Malvin Wald, co-producers. Her handling of the earlier sequences packs a hefty punch. In the latter sequences, when Powers is beginning to find herself, the pace is deliberate, almost idyllic. While made on a tight budget, the production manages very good values." It's amazing that such a movie was made within the studio system in 1950. Lupino was one of the few women who worked within that system as a director (as well as being, of course, a respected actress), and the directorial projects she worked on deal with problems in women's real lives and how they must overcome them. Definitely a woman ahead of her time in that she used her position to try to help her sisters. Way to go, Ida!