A PATCH OF BLUE (1965) B/W widescreen 106m dir: Guy Green

w/Sidney Poitier, Elizabeth Hartman, Shelley Winters, Wallace Ford, Ivan Dixon, Elizabeth Fraser

A moving, well-acted film about a sensitive relationship which develops between a young blind woman and a black man. Poitier and Hartman bring moving credibility to their roles.

From Variety 's review of the film: "A Patch of Blue is a touching contemporary melodrama, relieved at times by generally effective humor, about a blind white girl, rehabilitated from a dreary home by a Negro. Film has very good scripting plus excellent direction and performances, including an exceptional screen debut by Elizabeth Hartman as the gal.

"Director Guy Green adapted Elizabeth Kata's Be Ready with Bells and Drums , and the ending, while positive, isn't sudsy. Hartman gives a smash interpretation of the role, and progresses most believably from an uneducated, unwanted and home-anchored maiden to an upbeat, firmer grasp on what is to be her sightless maturity.

"Sidney Poitier is excellent as he becomes her first true friend and gives her some self-assurance. She, of course, doesn't know he is Negro."

An Oscar went to Winters (as Hartman's sleazy mother) for Best Supporting Actress. The film was also nominated for Best Actress (Hartman), B & W Cinematography, B & W Art Direction, and Original Music Score.