PATTON (1970) C widescreen 170m dir: Franklin Schaffner

w/George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Stephen Young, Michael Strong, Michael Bates, Karl Michael Volger, Edward Binns, Lawrence Dobkin

Scott's magnificent performance as General George S. Patton earned him an Oscar (which he famously refused), and the film was selected as the Best Picture of 1970 by the Academy members. It's a gutsy, tough, comparatively honest and fascinating portrait of the WWII general whose military bravado and love of war made him a hero --- and also caused him to be relieved of his command. In addition to Scott's memorable performance, the film boasts a series of brilliantly staged battle sequences, tracing Patton's career in the North African, Sicilian, and European campaigns. Oscars were also given for Best Original Story and Screenplay (Francis Coppola and Edmund H. North), Art Direction, Sound, and Editing.