PEOPLE WILL TALK (1951) B/W 110m dir: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

w/Cary Grant, Jeanne Crain, Finlay Currie, Hume Cronyn, Walter Slezak, Sidney Blackmer, Basil Ruysdael, Katherine Locke, Margaret Hamilton

A remarkably funny, stringent social comedy. Grant as Dr. Pretorius, the hero, falls in love with a young woman (Crain) who is expecting another man's child.

From The Movie Guide: "Joseph L. Mankiewicz had just won two Oscars for ALL ABOUT EVE (writing, directing) and the year before that two more for the same tasks on A LETTER TO THREE WIVES. He took on a big challenge here, adapting Curt Goetz's play, 'Dr. Pretorius,' making it into an odd amalgam of wit, satire, high drama, and glistening dialogue. ... The designation 'sophisticated' applies well to PEOPLE WILL TALK, and Grant gives one of his best performances, a carefully controlled job of acting that never becomes farce. The movie is mature and frank, and Mankiewicz uses the opportunity to take a few potshots at academic hypocrisy."