THE PIRATE (1948) C 102m dir: Vincente Minnelli

w/Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Walter Slezak, Gladys Cooper, George Zucco, Reginald Owen, the Nicholas Brothers

A rollicking, tongue-in-cheek musical about a young Latin woman (Garland) infatuated with a famed pirate. The audacious, vain, ragged actor (Kelly) who loves her decides to impersonate the buccaneer to impress her. Kelly and Garland are in fine form. The Cole Porter score includes "Love of My Life" and "Be a Clown." Kelly does some dynamic specialty numbers with the Nicholas Brothers.

From Variety 's review of the film: "Vincente Minnelli's direction is light and seems to poke subtle fun at the elaborate musical ingredients and plot. The fact the The Pirate never takes itself too seriously adds to the enjoyment, giving sharp point to some of the dialog in the script."

Oscar-nominated for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.