SECONDS (1966) B/W widescreen 106m dir: John Frankenheimer

w/Rock Hudson, Salome Jens, John Randolph, Will Geer, Jeff Corey, Richard Anderson, Murray Hamilton, Karl Swenson, Khigh Dhiegh, Frances Reid

A middle-aged businessman (Randolph) discovers he can arrange for a secret organization to give him a "second" chance at life. After submitting to surgery and psychiatric orientation, he emerges as handsome Hudson, with seemingly everything anyone could ask for. This is an imaginative and, ultimately, scary film.

From The Movie Guide: "SECONDS received mixed reviews, and was critically savaged at the Cannes Film Festival, but repeated showings on late night television have improved its reputation to the point where it is now considered a cult classic. The film features a surprisingly good performance by Rock Hudson, an impeccable supporting cast and stunning cinematography by screen veteran James Wong Howe."