THE SON OF THE SHEIK (1926) B/W "silent" 69m dir: George Fitzmaurice

w/Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky, George Fawcett, Montague Love, Karl Dane, Bull Montana, Agnes Ayres

From Georges Sadoul's Dictionary of Film: "Ahmed (Valentino) falls in love with Yasmin (Banky) but believes she has betrayed him to his enemies. ...

"This romantic melodrama full of rescues, fights, and stunts, was the sequel to Valentino's earlier romantic success The Sheik .... However, unlike most sequels, this one enjoyed a popular success ten times as great as the original. This is perhaps because it was heartthrob Valentino's last film before his premature death. He plays a dual role, that of father and son, while Agnes Ayres (who was the English heiress in the original) appears briefly as the mature mother of the young Sheik.

"This often re-released film is a social document on taste and mores --- but of Hollywood during the Golden Twenties, not of the Arabs."