THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR (1936) B/W 87m. dir: William Dieterle

w/Paul Muni, Josephine Hutchinson, Anita Louise, Donald Woods, Fritz Leiber, Henry O'Neill, Porter Hall, Raymond Brown, Akim Tamiroff, Walter Kingsford

From The Movie Guide: "This film biography stars Paul Muni as Louis Pasteur, the French scientist who worked to find a cure for anthrax and hydrophobia. His colleagues at the Medical Academy are convinced his experiments are a waste of time and ridicule his research, so he and his family move to the French countryside where he can conduct his experiments in peace. Authorities soon learn that the sheep in Pasteur's area are disease-free as a result of his efforts, a finding which causes some stir in the Medical Academy, as Pasteur is now praised for his ground-breaking work by his former critics. THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR is well told, with an intelligent script, excellent performances, and careful attention to scientific accuracy. Muni offers a fine characterization that shows the famed scientist as a man faced with extraordinary obstacles."

THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR won two Oscars: Best Actor (Muni) and Screenplay (Pierre Collings, Sheridan Gibney). It was also nominated for Best Picture.