TARGETS (1968) C widescreen 90m dir: Peter Bogdanovich

w/Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Nancy Hsueh, James Brown, Sandy Baron, Arthur Peterson, Mary Jackson, Tanya Morgan, Monty Landis, Peter Bogdanovich

Offbeat, scary tale of a psychotic sniper (O'Kelly) and an aging horror film star (Karloff).

From The Movie Guide: "On target. An unconventional horror picture that draws a comparison between the real-life horror of the 1966 Charles Whitman murder spree and the fictional horrors of movie legend Boris Karloff. ... TARGETS is an insightful comment on the changing state of the horror film: Whereas Karloff's films concerned gruesome monsters with frightening physical attributes, TARGETS is about --- to use Bogdanovich's phrase --- 'the ghouls next door,' the all-American killers who are all the more frightening because the deformities exist inside their heads."