TEST PILOT (1938) B/W 118m dir: Victor Fleming

w/Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore, Samuel S. Hinds, Arthur Aylesworth, Claudia Coleman, Gloria Holden, Louis Jean Heydt, Ted Pearson

Story of men who risk their lives testing aircraft. The planes may be dated, but the cast is timeless.

From The Movie Guide: "One of the best Hollywood aviation dramas, TEST PILOT sparkles with a great cast and sprightly direction by Fleming, a 'man's director' who had the good sense to feature a great female performer, Loy, in this action film. ... [T]he rapport of the three leads is the film's greatest strength. Buoyed as well by its stunning aerial photography, TEST PILOT was a box-office smash."

TEST PILOT was nominated for three Oscars: Best Picture, Original Screenplay (Frank Wead), and Editing (Tom Held).