THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1968) C widescreen 102m dir: Norman Jewison

w/Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Paul Burke, Jack Weston, Biff McGuire, Yaphet Kotto, Todd Martin, Sam Melville, Addison Powell, Sidney Armus

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "The Thomas Crown Affair is a refreshingly different film which concerns a Boston bank robbery, engineered by a wealthy man who is romantically involved with the femme insurance investigator sent to expose him.

"Free of social-conscious pretensions, the Norman Jewison film tells a crackerjack story, well-tooled, professionally crafted and fashioned with obvious meticulous care.

"Boston attorney Alan R. Trustman, who never before wrote for films, is responsible for an excellent story. Steve McQueen is a rich young industrialist who masterminds a bank heist. Paul Burke delivers an excellent performance as a detective who works with Faye Dunaway, an insurance company bounty hunter whose job is to trap McQueen.

"Jewison adds a showmanly touch in the use of split- and multiple-screen images.

"McQueen is neatly cast as the likable, but lonely heavy. Dunaway makes an excellent detective who gradually develops a conflict of interests regarding her prey. The only message in this film is: enjoy it."

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR won an Oscar for Best Song ("The Windmills of Your Mind" by Michel Legrand and Alan and Marilyn Bergman). It was also nominated for Best Score (Legrand).