THREE CAME HOME (1950) B/W 106m dir: Jean Negulesco

w/Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond, Sessue Hayakawa, Sylvia Andrew, Mark Keuning, Phyllis Morris, Howard Chuman, Drue Mallory, Virginia Keiley

From The Movie Guide: "A powerful and moving picture that examines life in a Japanese POW camp from a woman's point of view. Colbert plays American writer Agnes Newton Keith, who is married to British administrator Knowles. They live in the East Indian islands and, shortly after the outbreak of WWII, are arrested along with other noncombatants, then imprisoned in a concentration camp. They are given paltry food rations, as well as beatings and other humiliations. Colbert refuses to lose her spirit and, at one point, risks punishment to spend a few minutes with her husband. Hayakawa is the US-educated Japanese colonel who runs the camp, a man torn between obedience to orders and the dictates of his conscience. The prisoners, including children, fight to maintain a semblance of dignity, hoping to survive until the GIs arrive. Based on Keith's autobiography, this film ably develops the intricate relationships among its characters. Colbert is stunning in the lead; Hayakawa, a former silent-film actor, creates a character of high intensity and inner struggle. A fine film in all departments."