THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE (1948) B/W 109m dir: H.C. Potter

w/James Cagney, William Bendix, Wayne Morris, Jeanne Cagney, Broderick Crawford, Ward Bond, James Barton, Paul Draper, Gale Page, James Lydon

This film, set in a San Francisco saloon, concerns the characters who frequent the waterfront establishment. The star's sister, Jeanne, plays the streetwalker Kitty Duval.

From The Movie Guide: "This warm and engaging adaptation of [William] Saroyan's superlative comedy represents a labor of love by James Cagney and his brother, producer William Cagney. ...

"The story's message --- encouraging people to live out their dreams --- is simple, and Cagney's performance is a delight. The supporting cast is marvelous, an eclectic and enjoyable bunch that keeps the film moving along at a bouncy pace. Potter's direction allows the material to flow freely, giving his cast every opportunity to excel without letting the camera call attention to itself. This was the third film Cagney did in conjunction with his brother, William. The first two (JOHNNY COME LATELY and BLOOD ON THE SUN) had not done well at the box office, so the Cagney brothers were determined to find a script of quality that would also be popular with filmgoers. It wasn't: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE lost $500,000 at the box office. It was the only Cagney picture ever to lose money, and, though the actor was proud of his artistic achievement, he remained disappointed that this never caught on with the public."