THE TIN STAR (1957) B/W widescreen 93m dir: Anthony Mann

w/Henry Fonda, Anthony Perkins, Betsy Palmer, Michael Ray, Neville Brand, John McIntyre

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "The Tin Star is a quality western that unfolds interestingly under the smooth direction of Anthony Mann, who draws top performances from cast. Screenplay [from a story by Barney Slater and Joel Kane] centers around Anthony Perkins's insistence upon keeping his sheriff's badge despite the pleading of his sweetheart to abandon hazards of the job, and Henry Fonda, a former lawman turned bounty hunter, reluctantly teaching him the tricks of the trade.

"Fonda gives his character telling authority as he waits in a small western town for a reward check, then stays on to help the over-anxious young sheriff. Perkins asserts himself forcibly, his nemesis being Neville Brand, capable as a gun-handy bully who nearly forces him to back down in his authority."

THE TIN STAR was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Story and Screenplay (Slater and Kane, story; Dudley Nichols, screenplay).