TOM, DICK AND HARRY (1941) B/W 85m dir: Garson Kanin

w/Ginger Rogers, George Murphy, Alan Marshal, Burgess Meredith, Phil Silvers, Jane Seymour

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "Director Garson Kanin cleverly steers his tale through a series of spontaneous episodes --- taking advantage of every laugh opportunity --- to deliver a surprise finish. Original story and screenplay by Paul Jarrico is a cleverly contrived version of a modern Cinderella with punchy script and dialog.

"Ginger Rogers, telephone operator, aims for romance with a millionaire but accepts the proposal of breezy and ambitious auto salesman George Murphy. Mistaking Burgess Meredith for her rich Romeo, she nonchalantly becomes engaged to him also. Then she meets the young millionaire (Alan Marshal) and neatly wrangles a proposal from him --- but eventually has to decide among the three.

"Rogers again hits the peak in her performance of the working girl dizzily confused by the romantic profusion that enters her life. While Murphy, as the ambitious and personable auto salesman, and Marshal, the millionaire candidate, both deliver solidly in their respective assignments, it's Meredith who stands out most prominently with a sterling and lightsome performance as the happy-go-lucky and lazy individual."