TOMORROW THE WORLD (1944) B/W 96m dir: Leslie Fenton

w/Fredric March, Betty Field, Agnes Moorehead, Skip Homeier, Joan Carroll, Boots Brown

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "Reformation of Nazi youth, a problem forcefully projected in Tomorrow the World on Broadway [in the play by James Gow and Arnaud D'Usseau], is dealt with no less assiduously in Lester Cowan's screen presentation of the same story.

"It's a vivid story of a youngster brought to America from Germany into the home of a college professor whose philosophies have been governed by those of the boy's father, a well-known liberal killed by the Nazis because of his views.

"The boy has been reared in the Nazi way, taught that his father had been a traitor to the Third Reich. Repudiation of the American concept and an attempt to inculcate Nazi fears into the minds of his American schoolfellows almost succeed. He would also break up the impending marriage between the professor and his Jewish fiancée, and this, too, is almost realized.

"Fredric March and Betty Field both give dignity to the parts of the professor and his bride-to-be. But the main accolade must goto Skippy Homeier, as the young Nazi."