THE UNHOLY THREE (1925) B/W "silent" 76m dir: Tod Browning

w/Lon Chaney, Harry Earles, Victor McLaglen, Mae Busch, Matt Moore, Matthew Betz, Edward Connelly, Walter Perry, John Merkyl, Percy Williams

Eerie "silent" thriller about four ex-carnival performers who plan a clever con game using a pet shop as a front for a burglary racket. Chaney disguises himself as a sweet, harmless old lady throughout the film.

From Georges Sadoul's Dictionary of Films: "A marvelous piece of fantasy and one of the most bizarre films in the history of the cinema, tinged with moments of black humor. This is the first of eight silent films Tod Browning, the master of horrific beauty, made with Lon Chaney and (with the possible exception of London After Midnight in 1927) by far the best. Its macabre vision of evil has been matched only in Freaks ...."