WIFE VS. SECRETARY (1936) B/W 88m dir: Clarence Brown

w/Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, May Robson, Hobart Cavanaugh, James Stewart

From Variety's contemporary review of the film: "Here Jean Harlow is no siren. She is a perfectly competent secretary, very much in love with her job and her boss, but she does not go on the make for him. Myrna Loy, as the wife, is much in love with Clark Gable, and he with her. They are an ideal couple until his mother plants the seeds of suspicion, which are watered and fertilized by other women friends.

"The blow-off comes when Gable refuses to take his wife to Havana on a business trip, but has his secretary fly down with some important data on the deal he has gone to close. Loy calls up and Harlow answers the phone. Loy decides to go to Europe and forget it all.

"The script [by Norman Krasna, Alice Duer Miller, and John Lee Mahin] has been excellently handled, with the dialog held to a naturalness seldom achieved on the screen.

"Gable gets a part which might have been tailored to his order and differentiates skillfully between his impulsive love for his wife and his friendly appreciation of his stenographer's merits. Loy gets a part which suits her, but it is Harlow who profits most. She clicks in every scene without going spectacular as to costume."