THE WILD ONE (1953) B/W 79m dir: Laslo Benedek

w/Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, Robert Keith, Lee Marvin, Jay C. Flippen, Peggy Maley, Hugh Sanders, Ray Teal, John Brown, Will Wright

Brando plays the leader of a motorcycle gang that invades a small town and raises hell.

From The Movie Guide: "THE WILD ONE was inspired by an incident in 1947 in which a gang of 4,000 motorcyclists took over the small town of Hollister, California, for the Fourth of July weekend and destroyed it. Producer [Stanley] Kramer put together a film that he hoped would illustrate the frustration and alienation felt by a younger generation, and the result became an anthem for disaffected American youth. Brando's performance enthralled audiences, who became fascinated with his contradictory character. He seemed powerful and brutal, but also demonstrated a caring, vulnerable side that he tried hard to repress --- laying the groundwork for a whole school of antiheroes that would include James Dean in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. Even without these virtues, the film would be immortal merely for the legendary exchange in which Murphy asks Brando, 'What are you rebelling against?' and he replies, 'What have you got?'"