YOUNG AND INNOCENT (1937) B/W 84m dir: Alfred Hitchcock

w/Nova Pilbeam, Derrick de Marney, Percy Marmont, Edward Rigby, Mary Clare, John Longden, George Curzon, Basil Radford, Pamela Carme, George Merritt

One of the better of Hitchcock's British efforts, the film follows the exploits of a detective's daughter who tries to prove the innocence of a young writer her father suspects of murder.

From The Movie Guide: "While not generally considered one of Hitchcock's finer films, YOUNG AND INNOCENT, because of its simplicity (or innocence, in keeping with the title), is often overlooked, especially in light of the director's other British successes, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, THE 39 STEPS, and THE LADY VANISHES. Although its plot is simply a reworking of THE 39 STEPS without the spy angle, YOUNG AND INNOCENT has a certain delightful charm to it, due entirely to the young Pilbeam, with her glowing Sylvia Sidney-type face. The film also boasts some of Hitchcock's most memorable visual effects, namely a remarkable crane and dolly shot which travels across a grand ballroom and into the face of the murderer with his twitching eye."